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Cogent Technologies provides “MotoCaster” bonded cellular transmitter to airLive Solutions in Nigeria

Cogent Technologies, a leader in live video contribution solutions, were delighted when the new MotoCaster Bonded Cellular transmitter was selected for operation in Benin, Nigeria.

Local IT experts Husstorm Technology had been wrestling with a difficult 3G/ 4G environment and wanted to send the highest quality HD pictures from town to town for live events in the Benin region. Cogent offered its new “MotoCaster” product, as well as the camera back system CamCaster, which were both utilised with excellent results. The new live TV vehicle offers local broadcasters, such as ITV, excellent live HD TV with robust performance that is resilient to the highly variable performance of the 3G/4G local networks. Using an external antenna, the system is able to operate with up to six modems external to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, the MotoCaster unit, mounted in the vehicle dashboard, four further SIM cards can be inserted for ‘ plug and play’ operation.