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Mobile Video Platform (MVP)

Cogent Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of its Mobile Video Platform (MVP) Android-based video/audio surveillance system.

Following on from the successful ‘MobiCaster’ Android/iOS App for ‘live news’ video broadcasting, Cogent is now proud to launch the sister ‘MVP’ solution, specifically designed for the covert and overt surveillance markets.

Comprising an Android App for use on smart ‘phones (e.g. Samsung, Huawei) and a WindowsTM based central server package for the Command Centre, the MVP solution enables live video/audio streaming from the Android device over any available network such as 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or private mesh.

To compliment the MVP system Cogent is also delighted to announce the release of a ‘covert smart ‘phone’ option – a modified Android ‘phone with a discreet, hidden, forward-facing camera.  Users of this ‘phone are able to stream live video/audio whilst giving the appearance of simply using the ‘phones traditional functions – playing games, reading messages etc.  The ‘phone can even be placed in ‘sleep mode’, giving the appearance of being dormant.

In response to in-depth user feedback, the MVP system also provides many other compelling features, such as:-

  • The creation of hierarchical user groups to share video/audio/data
  • Local and remote recording of video/audio, with remote call-up of stored files on the Android devices
  • Voice and video calls between users and Command Centre
  • ‘Instant Messaging’ features such as texting, sharing of camera images and video clips, etc.
  • Intercom function
  • Secure encryption
  • Asset tagging with GPS positioning and stamping
  • Potential to use external, discreet, cameras
  • 2-piece receive software (central server plus client server) enabling the creation of multiple Command locations, either permanent or mobile.

Speaking at the product launch, Simon Clifford, Cogent’s Director of Marketing and Sales, stated “Cogent is delighted with the initial response to our exciting new MVP system.  In particular, the covert smart ‘phone has generated significant interest, as the ability to stream video/audio discreetly from a ‘phone appears to be a major advancement in the world of covert surveillance’.



MVP Command Centre