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Cogent AntPack – External RF Unit

The Cogent AntPack is designed as an outdoor all weather bonded 3G/4G LTE antenna module.

The IP65 graded design makes for long term reliable operation in extreme weather conditions, and is ideal to be mounted on vehicles. The Cogent AntPack houses up to six 3G/4G LTE cellular connections and / or WiFi connectivity to provide maximum reliability when operated in sever conditions.

The Cogent AntPack is phantom powered and connected via ruggedized connectors to either the Cogent MotoCaster or RackCaster modules operating inside the vehicle.

Key Features

  • Up to six 2G/3G/4G cards can be inserted for enhanced performance when used with Cogent MotoCaster and RackCaster products
  • IP65 design, suitable for outdoor installation and use in extreme weather conditions
  • Ruggedised design, suitable for long-term use on high vibration vehicles, with maximum reliablility

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