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BodyCaster T-40 Portable Transmitter
BodyCaster T-40 Portable Transmitter

The BodyCaster T-40 is Cogent’s 5th generation of ultra-portable bonded cellular units.  Now available with an LCD preview screen and able to support up to 8x audio channels, the BodyCaster T-40 is the perfect choice for live event broadcasting.

It uses advanced video & audio compression, together with highly developed wireless transmission technology to provide high-speed communication of video, audio and data. This equipment is suitable for real-time reports on the news media, as well as emergency services such as the police, ambulance and fire brigade services.

  Key Features

• Up to 9x 3G / 4G channels to support ‘bonded cellular’ transmission

• Input signal format conversion• Up to 8x audio channels

• Intercom / talk back compatible (2 way)

• Built-in antennas

• Robust error correction

• Optional: Local network / WiFi cards, batteries and waist band / shoulder-strap case.

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