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Cogent CastServer – Bonded Cellular Receive and Control Software / GUI

The receiving software includes an easy to use dashboard and is installed in the customer PC.

This can be an existing secure PC, or one available for purchase from Cogent Technologies. When a client PC is used, the software can be installed and commissioned by Cogent, upon request. If the client wishes to purchase a new CastServer PC to operate the system, Cogent has a number of recommended options and will be happy to supply, install and commission the system on newly supplied hardware.

  • Receive processing of HD video and audio signals from Cogents “Caster” family of bonded cellular products.
  • Intuitive Web GUI control.
  • Suitable for integration with 3G/4G with Satellite and or microwave infra-structure.
  • Uses source channel coding technology to ensure the transmission is stable and reliable.
  • Monitoring of assets using GPS, BDS positioning technology.
  • Secure data encryption.
  • Linux operating system for secure and stable operation.

Video monitoring of up to 60 channels

CastServer can support up to 60 channels of video monitoring simultaneously, this can be selected as one single screen or the viewing of 1/3/4/6/7/9/11/12/15/24/40/60 channels. It is also possible to carry out detailed analysis of a single video signal and the parameters associated with this signal such as latency, bit-rate etc.


System management

Supports system management including user management storage management, logical grouping, and electronic map management. It is also possible to control user access control to restrict viewing of controlled images.

Easy Installation on user devices

As well as residing on master server or command centre the GUI can be easily installed on laptops, tablets and IOS/android and windows telephones to allow ultimate flexibility of operation.

Storage, playback and query.

CastServer can store the video, audio and metadata from multiple channels and allows easy replay of the video as well as associated evidential information such as GPS

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