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Nanosat 1211 DKu
Nanosat 1211 DKu

Cogent NanoSat 1211DKu – Ultra-Portable Auto-Acquisition Flyaway System

The NanoSat Series sets a new standard in satellite flyaway (SNG) systems, quite possibly being the most compact and ‘fastest-to-air’ in its’ class, with all of the functionality that a professional broadcaster might expect. The one-button ‘Q-TOUCH’ automatic acquisition operation makes deployment simple and it is possible for an operator to be ready to uplink in less than three minutes from initialising the system. The rugged design, coupled with the most advanced light-weight carbon fibre antenna technology, makes the NanoSat suitable for the most demanding of applications. The exceptional technical specifications also allow customers to achieve great results under the most demanding operational conditions!

Ultra-fast deployment

The NanoSat’s one button ‘Q-TOUCH’ auto-acquisition control system enables fully automatic, modem independent, satellite acquisition and tracking capabilities for rapid deployment. Satellites are typically acquired in less than 3 minutes. Thanks to this exclusive technology, the NanoSat can be operated safely and reliably by a non-technical operator and without the necessity for equipment other than a basic satellite monitor.

Uncompromised video quality

Using the state-of-the-art encoding algorithms, the NanoSat aims to provide the best encoding efficiency possible. It provides MPEG2 full broadcast quality 4:2:0 / 4:2:2 video encoding (optional H.264 4:2:0) with DVB-S (optional DVB-S2) modulation. Using such an approach the satellite bandwidth is minimized to save resources, whilst providing exceptional performance. The NanoSat 1211DKu is equipped with a 40W SSPA (optional 50W SSPA) to provide an optimum balance between output power and low power consumption/weight. Optionally, the NanoSat may be supplied with “outboard” SSPA’s / TWTA’s with higher output powers (e.g. 100W SSPB).

Smart packaging and small footprint

The standard NanoSat system is packed into two small size cases, both of which are well within the current IATA requirements, thus offering a highly portable solution for dynamic assignments.

The transit case for the main unit contains the antenna pedestal, antenna ‘centre petal’ with feed, plus Encoder/Modulator/Up Converter/HPA electronics.

The transit case weighs under 32kg (Model 1211DKu).

The second case contains the remaining 5 antenna petals, power/baseband cables plus any other accessories. Typically the second case weighs less than 18kg.

Imagine the possibilities with a feature-rich ‘auto-acquisition’ flyaway system housed in just two ‘IATA compliant’ cases and with a total weight under 50kg!

For ‘tactical’ applications, the second case can be replaced with a backpack option for increased mobility (one-man capable).

The NanoSat is configurable over a range of encoding profiles and modulation schemes to tackle the numerous uplink scenarios that may be encountered.

Key Features

  • Fully DVB Compliant
  • SD/HD video with analogue/digital audio
  • ‘Auto set up’ from switch-on to ‘on air’ in typically < 3 minutes
  • Lightweight & portable – IATA compliant Packaging
  • Control & Monitoring via PC / Laptop / Notebook / PDA (WiFi & Ethernet connectivity)

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