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RackCaster T5000 rack mounted transmitter
RackCaster T5000 rack mounted transmitter

Cogent RackCaster – 2G/3G/4G cellular and WiFi Transmitter

The Cogent RackCaster uses advanced video and audio compression technology, and wireless transmission technologies to realise high-speed, high-quality and high reliability video, audio and data transmission.

The RackCaster combines 3G/4G, satellite, internet and other transmission technologies; to provide multiple transmission paths dependent on requirements. With these advantages, the Cogent RackCaster uses a high quality NTT chipset for encoding to ensure quality standards suitable for broadcast television.

Key Features
  • High quality, High definition video and audio using broadcast quality NTT chipset (500KBit/s to 12Mbit/s).
  • Can be combined 3G/4G with Satellite and / or microwave infrastructure.
  • Uses source channel coding technology to make sure the transmission is stable and reliable.
  • Secure data encryption.
  • Standard rack mounted (1U rack size).
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Linux operating system for secure and stable operation.
  • Easy to use.


  • AntPack External RF unit, 3G/4G network cards.

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