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Defence & Security

Senior personnel at Cogent Technologies have considerable industry experience in the supply of products and services to support Defence and Security requirements.

Examples of technology employed by Cogent Technologies for Defence and Security applications include: –

Airborne Surveillance

Cogent Technologies has an immense wealth of specialist experience in this field. Cogent Technologies personnel have been directly involved with major airborne downlink & repeater projects in many regions of the world. We understand the need to work closely with our customers to design, manufacture, integrate, install and commission systems that match with their unique operational requirements.

Examples of topics that are usually discussed in the project-planning phase include: –

  • Choice of airborne platform(s) & payload
  • Available frequency band(s)
  • Operational range requirements
  • Traffic content, number of channels, uni- or bi-directional
  • Signal quality/availability requirements
  • Radio and antenna options for airborne platform & ground sites
  • Quantity and location of fixed and/or portable receive locations
  • Product/system certification for aircraft installations

Cogent Technologies will be delighted to hear from you should you have any airborne surveillance application, from short-range RC copters with mobile receivers through to regional/national/border/coastal patrol surveillance systems with manned aircraft and wide area multi-site permanent receive networks.

Covert Surveillance

Cogent Technologies CamRC uses licence-free WiFi technology combined with broadcast quality H.264 video encoding and AES encryption for high quality, secure, video/audio transmission. Additionally, the CamRC features a bi-directional data pipe to provide additional features such as remote control of a camera pedestal, bi-directional audio comm’s and remote ‘VPN’ IP connectivity.

The use of licence-free WiFi bands for transmission significantly reduces hardware costs (as compared to licenced radio products), thus creating a very cost-conscious solution. Equally, the use of licence-free frequencies allows users to avoid the complex (and perhaps costly) requirement to arrange frequency licences.

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